Best Work Outs

Do you want to have some tips for working out. I’m going to be showing you the best way to start working out for beginners. The first thing people want to do when they start working out for the first time is build muscle or burn fat without the proper foundation, experience and skill set, which in reality that limits the amount of potential progress and gains that can actually be made. When you don’t have the proper foundation doing exercises, whether you’re trying to build muscle or burn fat will be a lot less efficient. Sometimes you can be going through the motions, but not engaging your muscles properly, resulting in very little progress or none at all. This is why the first thing you need to do and the best way to start working out for beginners is to master the fundamentals.

Which are pull ups, push ups, dips, squats, L-sit and even handstands, starting from their very first progression. These fundamental movements utilize every muscle in your body and the main motions that consist of fitness training. Every exercise stems from these fundamental movements. And the best part of all, these exercises are scalable and you’re able to increase or decrease the difficulty and amount of force required by changing the angle and intensity on how you perform them. Which over time will not only burn fat and build muscle, but teach you how to train, progressing you onto harder exercises. And when doing exercises with the proper foundation and knowledge, you’ll be engaging your muscles properly, which engages more muscle fibers.

Which will develop way more strength and muscle and burn way more calories. That’s why the proper foundation and knowledge of their progressions is so important. They are, in a sense, what the machines would be in a gym. Just like if you went to the gym, you wouldn’t go straight into attempting to curl 60 pounds and only use the 60 pound dumbbells to learn how to curl. You would start with something like 10 pounds, master those, and slowly work your way up the weight. This way, not only will you prevent the risk of injury, but you’ll also develop the proper form and strength, not only to do this exercise but also to progress onto harder exercises that will demand greater effort, but will deliver greater results.

¬†And this is why mastering the fundamentals is not only the best way to start working out for beginners, but also to ensure that you will continue to progress through your training. Training this way, for example, you may start off with beginner progressions, like Australian pull ups. But you will eventually develop the strength and experience to progress onto pull ups, which will progress to one armed pull ups versus always trying pull ups and wondering why you can’t do more than 10 and why your strength has plateaued. And best of all, once you’ve learned all the progressions and mastered your foundation, you can begin to teach other people. So now I’m going to give you guys the workout routine that’s going to have you master the basics.

And once you’ve built a solid foundation and can comfortably perform the required repetitions with perfect form, you would’ve already seen significant results in muscle development, strength and fat loss. And then you’re ready to start taking your training to the next level with a proper workout regiment and programming. And to get my personal workout programs, the workouts I do every single day then sign up to HERIAPRO.COM and download the HERIAPRO app in the app store or Google Play store. And on the HERIAPRO app is where you’re also going to find today’s workout of the day. So look up this routine on the app titled ‘The Best Workout For Beginners’. And if you’re already a HARIAPRO member, then you should of just got the notification letting you know the workout just released, so let’s get started. Alright, now the very first exercise we’re going to get into, is pull ups. Now, pull ups is one of the main fundamentals for all pulling exercises. When it comes to training, you’re either pushing or pulling. Which is why it’s extremely important that you master these movements from the beginning.

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