Diet Plan for Bodybuilders

Bodybuilding with the Suitable Diet Plan

There are many bodybuilder diet plan for cutting. To what certain body fat percentages look like that you might find useful if you’re thinking more well am I in the where am I in that 10 to 20 percent body fat range sure. They are all men I’m afraid and that’s because I work with men but I hope those male readers you’ll find that useful cool all right. So let’s go on to the next level so we talked about this pyramid idea the base was adherence the first level of the pyramid was calories calories Allanson.

What’s next what’s the next most important thing supplements obviously right the next level is macro nutrients. So protein carbohydrates fat and alcohol with the fourth. I’m just kidding about alcohol although it’s technically a macro nutrient. So we’re talking about a protein carbohydrates and fat think of your protein as what you need to build muscle help maintain muscle help maintain some of the functions help recover from your training. I’m speaking in really broad terms here and then I want you to think of your carbohydrate and your fats as the fuel sources for your body.

You don’t want to skew it extreme in any direction where you’re very very very high fat or very very very high carb because then. You’ll be missing some of the benefits of having that balance and but yeah just think of it in that way and this is unfortunately. We’re a lot of the more fad diets come into play they tend to want to skew you in one direction either way and what we’re recommending is to not do that you need fat you need carbs and especially. If you’re training you very much needed protein all of them are very important and can be a part of a good balanced diet Cobb’s really help fuel performance.

So it’s CrossFit athletes you really want to keep some carbs in your diet the only the caveat to that I would say is if you’re not really that good and you quite considerably overweight and you find the idea of counting your calories just absolutely mind bogglingly hard and then if you just decide to cut out your carbs and follow keto. I mean he’s saying it’s a fad diet and it’s trending right now and just as paleo did in the past and it’s trended 10 years ago and it trended 20 years ago and that’s just how these things come in cycles but the key thing is does it work for you now some people.

They try it they really like it to have success with it because they find the rules around that are really easy to follow so you could you care sure absolutely. Now the vast majority will find that having maintained carbohydrate in your diet is going to be best. Now the reason that we have our macro nutrient intake as a layer above the caloric intake is this. I don’t want you to hear some recommendation. Say for example eat your height in centimeters in grams protein right or eat one gram per pound of body weight of protein okay. I don’t want you to do that so.

Let’s say you come to the end of the day and you’re like oh I’m 40 grams short on my protein. You wouldn’t want to eat those 40 grams of protein which will be like a scoop and a half of whey protein and then break that calorie balance got because then you’re putting the cart before the horse richer. So that’s why we have chloric balances first then we have macro nutrients that make sense it makes it makes perfect sense so there’s no. We don’t want to adhere to that maybe the these very strict numbers on our macro side if we skew in one direction.

I don’t want to overeat just for the sake of hitting my macros that’s kind of silly especially if my goal in this instance is to lose weight yeah. It’s understanding all the people think that but the caloric balance is the main thing similarly. Let’s say you are going to have two beers and these beers contain 200 calories each. I’m probably overestimating now unless they’re proper British pints not unlike your silly American. We have an international audience. Thank you very much keep going keep going.

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