Ganing Weight With Fast Metabolism

Gaining Weight with A Fast Metabolism

Are you thinking the best ways to gain weight with a fast metabolism. People going I can’t believe you don’t wash your chicken and you better believe it guys because. I just died first little bit old world so and just any dry seasoning of your choice. I’m going to go in the pantry and see what I’ve got hey. Nando’s hey good okay. We got me in their nose today. Okay just figure out how long it takes in your oven in my oven at about 20 degrees Celsius. It’s about 17 minutes. So I’m just going to put it in now set a timer and then start them on the other meals. I was going to take you through my traditional Italian family recipe for pasta sauce. But we’re missing a few ingredients. I’m going to have to save that and settle for just a jar of pasta sauce. Which is precise it’s basically already done. So I’m just going to put oil in the pan a bit of salt pepper on the beef cook that down. And just slowly add this in just.

Let it simmer if you guys are thinking that’s not in the shopping list. Like how you just said you can use it like There’s a million different sources you can make a cream sauce or even just oil and salt and pepper. So I kind of just took that as a given because. We had that in there in the pantry but in a couple bucks are you going to watch that basement. If you guys wanted to just make burger patties or tiger beef mince uh but I’ve done that last time. So I want to take you something a little bit different. So rice in the rice cooker this is the whole pack of rice this is for five days worth of fruit. you just want to rinse it a couple times to get all the starch out and. Then we’re going to put that on should be too long so with this two guys you want to whatever the volume of rice.

You put into the 750 grams use about 1.5 times that weight in water. I just microwaved broccoli and all other veggies really so this will only take about four minutes in the microwave very important even. Though it’s like you’re bulking don’t forget about your micronutrients so fire bar And all the vitamins and minerals that you’re getting from vegetables. So I’m only doing a little bit for now just like for the show but if it was me I’d be having a lot more green veg. you get a lot of this fat coming off here sorry the oils in the fats in that um. I’m just going to drain that because otherwise the plasma probably way through oily But I mean you don’t have to if you don’t want so it’s a little bit dry now this is a bit less bad in there.

 I’m going to go ahead and put this whole jar of sauce in oh look at that servoz a trick to really crispy potatoes is for one. They’ve got to be dry if they’re wet they don’t going to be as crispy just a little dab just dab them. And then we want a lot of oil as well from here we want to absolutely do used them in oil. give a nice bath just because we can a little bit of rosemary because that is just crude on potatoes in the oven get .in the other night chickens nearly done yeah looks pretty juicy just going to turn that off. And just lady in there so slowly you continue to cook. But it won’t like burn off over think that way. so we’ll put the puss room now we will do is boil put a water I’m just going to put a little salt in as well just. I believe it helps knots like stick the pasta to get on again dissolves and we’re going to wait for this to boil. so soon as it boils read in the packet it’ll tell you how many minutes to go report eleven minutes.

So just going to wait for that soon as it boils right in it’s about a cup and a half boats. I’m only going to cook one of these four today because it’s no point of view cook couldn’t fly of things have eyes so 750 grand Park. Leaves about 150 in each one you can measure if you want. But yeah that’s about right it’s going to put water and just microwave it oh. It’s a Daniel and what we’re going to do is just put a mass hate htablespoon of the peanut butter actually now. Let’s be savage to support yeah. It’s my balking that’s why sue me happy yeah you know. What peanut butter now guys most of you. I’m assuming have whey protein at home. And there’s going to be someone. Who says that protein is in 50 bucks. but you know it is what it is so we. Have we’ve got the Icer pips which is my post-workout protein. We’ve got the blessed which is the vegan protein in case. I’m feeling very good and then. We’ve got oxy way which is what I like to use in my oats because it’s way way.

So we’ll use this in the oats this is a blend of whey protein concentrate isolate and a bit of casein as well sorry it’s really good for a meal. That’s why you put this with your arts because it’s better digested absorbed there’s something very thick already just stick it in a snicker Dudek. What’s that smell you should be ready now that smells heavenly. So the rice is ready I’m not sure what we can do with the egg meal check it. We’ve got about five eggs per meal so this one’s about that for crack the eggs straight on top a little bit of soy and just whisk it all up together just wait now and nothing. What I’m just going to put a little bit of oil in there. I’m just going to fry that up it is so good that’s. I’m just going to fry this and just scramble it that’s done is all you need to do is just cook the egg through. So that meal has 30 grams of protein from the eggs alone and about 25 parts.

So it is sufficient as a meal by itself and I’ll show what sauce I like to use as well just to make it QP roasted sesame sauce. It’s just a match made in heaven you don’t need to use it but if you guys have it oh the best where can you get that usually get from anywhere. Willie’s have it but we just found this massive one easiest thing to do with veggies just drizzle a bit of oil on them and so on pepper too. so I live them in that’s up plus is ready let’s strain it and. now struck it straight in to the source I feel like I’m working in the campaign like I’m the lunch lady serving it up is done now you probably Deacon how dare you put those disgusting filthy eggs on that right . I’m not going to eat that guys this is purely to get the best thumbnail I can get we’ll probably just give it to bed and she’s still really fast about barely physics touching her rice but this one. we didn’t puts that’s all that’s clean you don’t worry about that I’m done now potatoes should be done and. then we’re good to go so these are pretty much done they could go for a little bit longer.

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