Losing Fats from Body

Losing Fat From the Body

You want the meal plan to gain muscle and lose fat. This is the ultimate guide to bulking on keto that means building muscle while you’re doing a ketogenic diet is entirely possible but this isn’t just going to be research. I’m going to give you exactly what you need to do. I’m going to give you the formula that I’ve used with clients in terms of helping them build muscle while they’re on keto. I’m going to give you macro nutrient breakdown. I’m going to give you net calorie surplus things like that but in order for all of that to make sense. I need to have a preamble but it needs to be loaded up with some scientists and research that brought me to the ultimate conclusion that I came to that can help you okay.

I’m going to have studies from each side I have some studies that don’t always favor keto. So let’s take a look at all of it hey you were tuned into the Internet’s leading performance and nutrition channel keto fasting and everything in between with coming out every single Tuesday Friday and Sunday at 7 a.m. Pacific time also make sure you head on over to Haile calm. So you can check out the apparel that. I’m always wearing in alright so. I will get to the breakdown on this but let me go ahead and start with a study that’s pretty interesting it was published in the International Society of sports nutrition okay this study.

Took a look at 26 resistance trained males. Okay so people that were experienced with working out already and for 11 weeks they divided these people into either a ketogenic diet group or a traditional Western diet group. Now all in all at the end of the 11 week study. The ketogenic diet group had a two point. One kilogram increase in lean body mass more. So than the Western diet okay. So we found that the keto diet ultimately built more muscle okay. We also found that the keto diet lost 2.2 pounds of fat mass more so than the Western diet.

We know at the end of this study at the end of 11 weeks the keto diet actually built more muscle and lost more fat but it gets a little bit more interesting. You see when you look deep into the study you actually find that weeks 1 through 10 the diet’s didn’t change. It was keto diet versus Western diet and the results at the end of 10 weeks were actually about the same the keto diet had about the same amount of muscle gained as the Western diet. So we know that for muscle building weeks 1 through 10 keto diet versus Western tight ended up about the same but weeks 10 and 11 what they had them between that time was carb up on the keto group.

Now they had the keto diet add carbs into the equation and then they ended up having a massive increase and then they took the lead in terms of muscle building. So what that tells us is that they probably had a big influx of glycogen carbohydrates that went into the muscles and swelled them up. So what’s interesting here is that by and large. If you compare the keto die in the Western diet. According to this study you’re going to have about the same amount of muscle building plain and simple. So that’s kind of cool right then and there but once carbs are added back into the mix you take the lead. You’re sort of like a loaded gun. It’s like once carbs are back in the equation boom. Then you just speed ahead. It’s pretty cool. It’s kind of like drafting it’s like you stay behind the leader and then all of a sudden you slingshot and go ahead of him kind of like Talladega Nights alright. So now let’s take a look at study two and this is a really similar study.

Okay see this took a look at two groups in isocaloric and an eye. So nitrogenous meaning that both groups have the same amount of calories and the same mount of protein keto diet versus Western diet. This study took a look at body composition and performance so what they did is for 11 weeks. They took 25 participants and divided them again into two groups keto diet group and Western diet group. Same kind of structure is his first study weeks 1 through 10 keto diet versus Western diet week 10. They had the keto diet carb up again.

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