Weight Gainer Plan

Making the Best Weight Gainer Plan

Do you need a weight gainer diet plan. We’re going to do a whole week’s worth of meal prep for bulking. we’ve done the $50 so this is bulking on a budget pot – this is a bulk on a budget on carbs. Get fifty cheeseburger a large McChicken meal six extra nuggets please. What drink you want I’ll get sweet barbecue please and coke for the drink that are you thank you $15. Heavy it’s much of cost to feed you. We’re going to spend 50 for the way so um that’s how you fall it’s my advice to you guys awesome thank you. Some drinks back it up enjoy IV lose your balking on a budget. Let’s do this so all the meals we’re going to be using potatoes. These are pretty cheap 32 kilo. So we get two killers of potatoes. Little Arthur’s five days you’re sitting at seven dollars. so far next breakfast oh. It’s always a really good option. 750 grams that’s about a week’s worth as well and that’s a dollar 20. That puts it for eight holders into 20.

The next up we need some bait feeds. So we need about a kilo beef mince. I’m just going to find the cheapest. We can get so. We’re getting two of these and that puts it at about 16 dollars. So it is pretty fatty. But we’re bulking. So more calories. We’re getting some chicken thighs. Now these are sitting at about $8 a kill if you guys will be going cheap. I’m just give them the butcher. But this will put us at plus five plus five an extra 10 bucks for about $26. so far so doing with rice Jasmine’s. My favorite it tastes great and it’s so cheap too. So don’t buy that pre-made rice just get your rice cooker. And just get a whole bunch of this that adds two dollars $29. so you just to change up the carbs. You can have some pasta today.

Only need about 400 grams. So that adds an extra two bucks as well these are the cheapest. So far with two dozen eggs and they’re pretty huge. it’s an extra seven about $38. So far some veg Nell said broccoli I’m not going to weigh this. But this is hope okay peanut butter a really good option. High protein high fat which means by calories. So this we’re going to chuck in our oats and if you guys are savage just eat it out of the jar and that’s how it’s done. That’s the shopping done. Let’s check out and hope we made the 50. So we did it guys 145 and 30 cents easily did it plus to 15 cent bags and we got five bucks to spare. so we can you another cheeseburger AP and I go home and cook all this. So guys what I’m going to do is we’re going to make four main meals.

So first one being votes easy peanut butter second meal will have beef mince with some pasta. So I’ll show you how I make the sauce. I didn’t get any ingredients today because I already added here apologies our next meal will be chicken thighs with some. Potatoes should we mash them or should we roast them. I’m going to voice them yeah all right pork milk veggies with the chicken last meal will be one of my favorites rice ¬†and eggs very simple but he is delicious. I don’t know even what order to do this in I’m just going to. I’m just going to start to put the potatoes. Guys you’re going to pile boilin which means you actually you don’t cook them. Fully but you cook them just enough because we’re going to roast them today you wanted to be just a little bit cooked. So just chop them in half. Let’s get these potatoes on in the meantime. We’ll be the chicken ready. So we’re going to make the chicken just like always do bacon bedbugs and if you’re we don’t like me chicken club gang cuz. I hate touching this so these have the bone in them. So they’re not off the bone unfortunately is we actually get a cheaper option today but that’s okay we’ll work around it this is this idiot proof I can’t get a grip my visa to chicken II.

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