Natural Ways of Body Building

Natuaral Ways to Build Body

There are many natural ways to gain weight with a fast metabolism. You are serious about trying to build some muscle maybe he was like me. When I first started my weightlifting journey I could not gain weight for nothing. So what did I do I just over 8. I ate everything I took everybody’s advice from the gym anybody that’s been working out. Then if they weighed one more pound to me always like 155 pounds. So if they weight 156 pounds and was giving me advice I would take it just because I was chasing the pounds. I didn’t care what type of weight I put it on I just wanted to put on some weight. So like I say I overate I had a lot of fast food a lot of cheeseburgers a lot of pizza a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I’ve heard so many stories of what to eat to gain weight and I did this probably for 10 years and I went from about 155 all the way up to 235 pounds.

I got 235 pounds you can guess yeah. I build a lot of muscle alone along the way because I did some crazy very intense workouts but I was overall. I was kind of chunky. I still had some cuts but I wasn’t where I wanted to be. So I took it upon myself and I entered a bodybuilding competition. So I know that what held me that would hold me accountable. So it gave me 16 weeks to diet down and get in the best shape of my life which I’m currently still there. So I went from 200 and out to about 233 234 pounds all the way down to 178 pounds that’s over 50 pounds loss in four months. I’m show y’all some before and after pictures. So I can see that as I’m talking.

So it’s really serious. So now what I’m trying to do is I’m a builder weight the right way and that looks like that’s what you’re trying to do too so. We’re not going to build weight fast. We’re not going to put on a lot of fat as well. It’s just going to be some good quality dense lean muscle that is what we’re going to do and I will show you everything I need to do week by week day by day meal by meal. So we’ll go into the kitchen where all the real games are made. Okay here are all the ingredients for looneys. So make sure you get some honey coconut oil, coconut palm sugar natural. If peanut butter protein oatmeal sweet potatoes black beans. A whole natural almonds and make sure they’re not. They don’t have any salt or anything like that. We want the natural just raw almond jasmine rice chicken breasts. How is you to go to Walmart or grocery store. Scott on sale because right there I got five almost five pounds in a quarter rolling $10 and get you some 85 clean beaks. It’s using the egg whites to get my eggs from Walmart.

That way I can get 60 of them for like four dollars and that lasts me almost PI like a month. Okay now we’re going to discuss the perfect diet for building muscle, meal by meal break it down. Just like I said I was the first meals breakfast. What we’re going to have. We want to have three whole eggs. We’re going to have 150 grams of egg whites and We’re going to cook all that in with 10 grams of coconut oil and then we’re going to eat a one pack of quakers protein oatmeal and the kind of I got. I got banana nut and then I got cranberry almond. Those are the only two options that I think that they have right now or at least at Walmart and Food City but they’re both phenomenal and I highly recommend it and when you cook your oatmeal. I personally think that it is ten times better if you go ahead and take your 8 grams of peanut butter and put it inside the oatmeal and just mix it up then it is absolutely the flavors just mixed together.

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