Lean Muscle Diet

Suitable Diet for Lean Muscle

There are various diet for building lean muscle. I’m putting that in air quotes before a reason and you’re going to find out soon oftentimes when people start crossing it they stick to a specific dogma paleo zone lately keto. There’s a whole bunch of different diets and frankly fad diets that people adhere to and they think that is the ultimate CrossFit diet. We’re going to hopefully give you some tips to identify what the perfect diet is for you but before we get into that makes you go to WOD prep calm or you can download some free training resources about nutrition about skills that you might need to master about how to get prepared for the CrossFit open.

We have a lot of great free training material. So putting the fad diets aside let’s talk about probably something that isn’t talked about enough. What is your goal many people start CrossFit for a variety of reasons. So before we assume we know what your goal is. Let’s talk about maybe some common goals that you should probably think about. What are the generally speaking common goals of a diet look better naked boom. That’s pretty much it no and what that comes down to generally speaking is gaining more muscle and losing some fat. Now some people are going to be further along the I need to lose more fat than I do gain muscle spectrum and some people are going to need to gain more muscle more desperately than they need to lose fat. Right now so one key component of thinking about your nutrition which is supportive of your training and is permissive of the body that you’re trying to create is you need to think what should. https://nutritiongainer.com/best-weight-gain-supplements-reviews/

I probably be doing right now and I’ve got some rules that I’d like to share on this. I save rules actually guidelines that I’d like to share on this if that’s okay which might help you when you’re deciding what and can I make one point before we dive into that not many of you might be saying. I’m going to do it anyway many of you might be saying I don’t care about what I look like naked. I’m doing this for performance yeah and I would say either one. You’re full of okay. Here’s a better point the better you look naked generally means the more muscle than the Leaney or B.

So the more powerful you’ll be at the same body weight which is going to make you more competitive that was the point I was going to make is increasing your muscle mass decreasing your fat you’re going to get better at CrossFit. Generally speaking okay. So guideline one is if you are new to CrossFit. I wouldn’t worry too much about your diet right now canteen calories thinking about your macro nutrients and all the rest. I would just let the training the magic of that training happen. So a lot of people when they start working out they find that they just naturally either lose or gain weight that is really going to depend on whether you are currently overweight or if you’re underweight from what your natural weight would be when you start training. Okay that’s cool so pretty much just focus on developing a habit of training.

And training properly and then when you get to the next plateau then you need to start thinking okay. Am I going to go into a primarily a fat loss phase or am I going to go into a bulking phase and what I would say to help you choose I like to keep people in that 10 to 20 percent body fat range. If you’re a woman at 8% so that you hold more fat and then essential fat so if you’re in that 10 to 20 percent body fat range. If you’re at the lower end you can bulk if you’re at higher end you should probably cut. If you go any lower than 10%. It’s not really beneficial for the future bulk that you’re setting yourself up for and if you go any higher than 20% then well. It’s going to make cutting. That it’s going to make the diet afterwards a lot harder. It’s also going to increase some well health risk factors you’re also going to be a lot worse across.

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