Training for Body And Mass

Training for Body Mass

Are you training for size and mass. Then this post is useful for you. I have been letting this preheat I feel like that speeds up cooking time. Then just really makes the food overall taste better. I think the faster cook is give it Conda. I like my food a little crispy. So we’re going to throw the bacon in here and we’re going to spread it out alright. So we got the bacon in here. Let me wash my hands real quick and I will be right back all right now that my hands are washed always make sure you wash your hands after handling raw meat. You don’t want to spread those germs around get anybody sick but we’re going to throw the lid on this year. This baked bacon is so good that’s the thing – about Aikido God I’ve noticed. You don’t really need a whole lot of seasonings on your stuff because fat gives stuff such a rich flavor anyway. So we’re going to throw this lid on here I’m going to be back with this Bacon’s done. We’re going to pull the bacon then we’re going to cook the eggs. And then we’re going to have meal number one so stay tuned.

All right checking on the bacon real quick all right. we’re getting close to done I like to cook mine a little more just cuz I like it to be crispy. So you see all that grease is piling in there that is going to be perfect when we add the eggs in. just give it an awesome flavor. So we’re going to lid this back up. I’ll be back here in a second. Once this is done so the bacon is done we got the bacon cook. We’re going to pull it off to the side and we still have all the grease kind of sitting here in the pan. As you can kind a see so we’re going to use this to cook the eggs with so. What I’ll do first I like to take I like to take the broccoli that I’ve already had chopped up. We’re just going to put it here in a pan now. I want move it around and let it kind of soak up a little bit in that fat ooh and now I take the eggs. We’re going to go ahead and just add the eggs in here and.

We’re still running off the heat the more the bacon cook. So these will cook extremely fast the biggest tip is don’t walk away from this stay with it because it’s literally going to cook extremely fast. You wanna get in here and mix everything up okay. So now that that’s there I’m going to go ahead and throw the lid back on all right. We’re going to let that sit for a second this type of diet really lacks in electrolytes. You wanna make sure you get your sodium in. So I went through a little bit of seasoned salt on here like. I said we have to be careful with seasonings on a keto diet. You don’t want any extra sugar or any hidden carbohydrates in your diet second knock you out of ketosis. The entire fat burning process gets shut off so. We are going to stay pretty basic with all seasonings like I said your fats really will go ahead and flavor it good anyway. So if you a tiny bit of chopped onion on here nothing crazy okay and then a dash of some garlic powder. There we go now we’re getting close to done make sure you stir it up. here smells really good all right guys. The eggs are officially done so. We’re going to go ahead and add them to our plate here and ooh and that is a lot of eggs.

So what I do is a dietary tool I use my fitness palette and app you get on any smartphone desktop tablet whatever when I track my macros with. So I can see here the macros for this meal particular 53 grams of protein. We got 49 grams of fat and only 6 grams of carbohydrates. So the carbohydrates are going to come from the broccoli and trace amounts of the eggs. But what you do so my diet typically stays under 20 grams of net carbs. But net carbs are is the amount of carbohydrate in your diet after you subtract fiber so right now. if I look in your app super helpful by the way. My Fitness Pal we got 2 grams of fiber so really in this my carbs are at about 4 for the day with this meal. After you subtract the fiber fibers essential on a keto diet want to make sure you’re staying. Regular constipation is a huge side effect of keto that’s the sad truth I have experienced a yeah but I like to get my veggies in so.

I’m going to go ahead I’m going to eat this meal here and then I will be back here in a little bit for meal number two .so stay tuned alright guys we were back meal number two pretty basic meal here like I said the primary component of the keto diet is going to be proteins and fats. so for our fats here we’re going to have some extra virgin coconut oil and then. What we’re going to do for our proteins is. We’re going to have I already have some some chicken drumsticks here that I have prepped out and cooked in advance. so I did these yesterday I’m going to go ahead you can eat the meat right off the bone .if you want to but with this I’m weighing everything. I’m measuring it and you can’t really factor that bone into your weight so you’re not eating that bone. so I’m going to say I’m going to remove it from the drumstick. I’m away it out so what this calls for four ounces or 112 grams of cooked chicken drumstick.

We have 10 grams coconut oil already in the pan that we are letting get up and then once I get this I’m going to add it to that pan so stay tuned. I will be back here in a second so we weighed this out like I said hundred twelve grams here. I’m going to add it to this pan. We’ve been having this preheat here this oil so it heats up and cooks faster like I said. Efficiency is always what I like to focus on when. I’m prepping food this is going to bubble though. So watch out we’re going to add our chicken in and now the chickens already been cooked right so. All I’m really doing is warming it up letting absorb that oil it’s going to give it a really good taste and kind of combine the two down. I’m seeing the chicken and smoothing the coconut oil although I wouldn’t do that this is going to make it a little better tasting. all right so meal two is officially done now the macros for this going to be 18 grams of fat and 21 grams of protein.

So we’re getting 10 grams of fat from the coconut oil super healthy fats by the way if you’ve never had coconut oil it makes almost anything you cook with tastes better. We got the chicken drumstick right here which is going to account for some of the fat and all the protein. So 21 grams of protein oh. What’s that leave us with events ten eight of the grams of fat what do that math right yeah. So super good here guys you know chicken breast is pretty boring regular chicken breasts have a lot of fat in it. So the flavor for it leaves a lot to be desired whereas chicken drumstick there’s a lot of fat in with it. So the natural flavors are just really good. so I said not a lot of seasoning required here this kind of seasons itself with the fat so super satiating super good this is a nice little mini meal like I said I would normally in other meal preps for other diets.

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