Regaining the Muscle

Trying to Regain The Muscle

Are you trying to regain lost muscle. Okay guys we are here in my kitchen and I just started a keto diet not too long ago. if you don’t know what a keto diet is it is a diet that consists mainly of fats with moderate protein and very low carbohydrates. So I just started a cutting diet using this style of dieting and I’m going to go through every meal I eat today that way you can get an idea roughly of what’s in a keto diet. If you want to take some examples away from this for your own diet. If you’re trying to lose fat my goal is to lose weight while retaining as much of my heart and muscle mass as possible. So that’s this style of diet this may be a little different from your traditional keto cutting diet. But like I said my goal is strictly body composition I want to be big I want my muscles to be full.

I one of you mean so that’s the goal any purpose of this diet right here. so I’m going to go through every meal I eat today needs that quantities the macro break. I’m even going to prepare a couple for you that. I don’t already have free preps to kind of see what goes into this. so if you guys are ready I am so starting out with meal one. I’ve been fasting all day I do intermittent fasting as well so it’s about 2 p.m. which is usually when I break my fast. We’re going to go ahead and do meal 1 which like I said keto diet and our goal here is fats and proteins. So I’m going to do I’m going to do 6 eggs. We’re going to scramble those up we’re going to do 45 grams of bacon and then we’re going to do 85 grams of broccoli. We’re going to mix that in with the eggs while they’re cooking.

So the way I like to do this you can obviously prepare it any way you want what I like to do first though I like to cook my bacon right get it pretty good. Let the grease kind of collect because the goal with this diet is a lot of people are looking at grease is the bad thing right. But that’s part of your fat content that’s what you want for energy. so we’re going to stop up as much of that as we can going to cook the bacon first I’m going to let get that good we’re going to get the leftover grease in there. We’re going to make the eggs in with that through the broccoli in. we’re going to have a nice dish here so typically what I’ll do I work from home now this is my full-time job but usually I could make this in advance and then put it in a Tupperware container. Eat it later but now we’re just going to prepare it at home and do it because you know I work from home. so it’s easier that way I’m going to go ahead and get started alright so we went ahead I’ve already got my eggs D shelled souther right where D sho got my eggs broken up there in the bowl. We’ve already weighed out our bacon and we got our broccoli.

 I don’t prep the broccoli in advance so it was just in the fridge I just shredded. It it’s going to be going in the eggs so I’m making a little easier spread it out more throughout the entire meal. So put the scale up so first thing we’re going to do is I want to hit the pan with some nonstick cooking spray now. I would normally since I want to keto diet. You can throw cooking oils and your olive oil your coconut oils but this bacon is going to create so much of its own grease. What I have used coconut oil and bacon before it makes really good bacon. But you just you’re just left with this thick sludge of grease. so up will say that coconut oil for later on but hit this with the nonstick cooking spray here.

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