Healthy Mass for Building Muscles

Healthy Diet For Building Muscle Mass

Do you want to know how to get fat fast. So that’s powerful in and of itself and in one last study that I have to reference that everything makes sense there’s a study that was published in the American Journal of physiology endocrinology and metabolism. Okay this study actually found that protein synthesis is not heightened with the co ingestion of carbohydrates. What that means is you do not need to be consuming protein with carbs to increase protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is there on its own. It doesn’t need carbs to help it. The old theory used to be if you ingest carbs. You’re going to spike your insulin. The protein is going to increase or uptake more that may kind of be the case but the overall ruling is that protein synthesis still stays elevated.

You’re still going to create new muscle from the protein that you consume even in the absence of carbohydrates. So now we have to take a look at another piece of this. I’ve explained everything with Cato. Now you may or may not be someone that implements intermittent fasting from time to time but it’s going to be a part of what I tell you to do. If you’re trying to bulk on keto. So pay attention to this really quick. So it has been found that when you’re training in a fasted state or when you’re fasting in general.

And you’re just working out that you’re going to have an increase in what is called p 70 s6 kinase or p 70 s 6k. You see elevated levels of p 70 s 6k indicate that we’re shuttling amino acids into the muscle to actually rebuild it. So it’s been shown that when you’re fasting you have significantly elevated levels of this p 70 s6 kinase. That literally means that your protein synthesis and the amino acids in your body are more likely to go into the muscle and actually build muscle after a fasted period than not okay. So believe me this is all going to make sense now the how-to section alright how do you actually put this all together.

Now that we’ve seen other science knowing that it can be done alright here it is when you go on a keto bulk. You are going to be in a tremendous calorie surplus day over day. A lot okay but it will make sense. So what I suggest you do is go with the macronutrient ratio that was broken down in that. One study go with 0.8 to 1 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight ok. That’s probably going to be overkill but in this case it’s going to be perfect okay. You’re going to have definitely enough protein but I want to make sure make sure make sure that you get at least 75% of your calories from fat okay. So you might be doing the math in your head right.

Now a 200 pound person that means that you’re going to have to have 200 grams of protein but you still need to make sure that that only amounts for like 20% of your calories. So that means that the rest needs to come from fat and a little teeny bit from carbs. You’re probably thinking well that puts me at a huge calorie surplus because it’s so much fat that’s unreasonable. You’re right it is that’s a lot of calories. You would definitely gain fat doing that but you’re going to put yourself in a very good state where you know you’re going to have ketones. You know you’re going to have protein.

You’ll be able to build muscle faster than the other people. So let’s address the part about you getting fat to make sure that doesn’t happen. No one wants to gain a bunch of fat on a bulk period. You’re going to gain a little bit of fat but no one wants to gain a ton. So this is where intermittent fasting just two days per week or even three really comes in handy. I want you to not look at your calories in and calories out on a daily basis anymore. You need to back up and look at them over the course of a week okay.

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