Muscle Building Training

Muscle Building Training For You

There could be best strength and muscle building workout routine. Let’s say that you’ve got 400 calories and you’ve got that now from boot you’re going to need to reduce your either caps or your fat intake to make up for that calorie balance comes first what’s the next level. Let’s stop we got a few more levels of the pyramid. Let’s kind of blaze through them yeah and we’re going to place the risen because these are the actually levels 4 & 5 are the least important level 3 is important but We don’t need to go into too much detail with it this is your micro nutrition in your water intake.

Just make sure that you’re eating a variety of foods you are not neglecting your vegetables not neglecting your fruits and really you’re trying to generally eat food that doesn’t come in a bottle 10 or pack it. I know that’s a really broad thing to say. But if you can do that if you can have micro nutritionally dense foods like vegetables and new fruits that’s going to help fill you up. It’s also going to help make sure that your nutrition needs your micro nutrition needs met.

I’m sorry talking about your vitamins and we’re talking about your minerals but we’re also talking about the zoo nutrients which are nutrients that. We have trouble measuring and definitely aren’t written on packets that come from animal products and then also vital nutrients find our nutrients. Thank you benefit saving yeah phyto nutrients that. We get from animal plant on us good plant base that’s the way thank you yeah. So micro nutrients as simple as it sound. This is the don’t eat like a jerk level for me if I can stay within my calorie balance and I can stay within my macros and that’s oftentimes what a lot of people they just focus on those two but the reading gummy bears.

They’re literally just shoveling protein into their mouth like whey protein powder just to hit their protein numbers and it it kind of seems like a silly diet like my mom would certainly shake her finger at me. The next level is where we’re talking about eating our fruits and vegetables. My parents always told me to do it and there’s actually some science to back it up. You’ll want to make sure that you have your micro nutrients in place and also we haven’t mentioned yet but water intake as well if we’re drinking lots of water. If we’re eating a varied diet with fruits and vegetables and mixing those up generally. We will be able to take care of this level which is micro nutrients begin.

We go into more detail about that and other resources but I just want you to understand in the higher hierarchy of things micro nutrients has come before. We haven’t talked about supplements yet. We haven’t talked about timing yet it comes before those things. So very important to keep in mind if you have the macros and the calories in place get those microbes if I may just finish on water intake. I have mentioned water really should be liquid intake and you want to be aiming to say you sleep regular hours. Try to enter peak relatively clear by around noon and then taper your water or your liquid intake down towards end of the day so that you don’t wake up at night.

There isn’t a fixed guideline on how much you should be drinking each day based on pounds of body mass. Why because some people naturally sweat more than others some people the seasons differ meaning that you will sweat more and some climates are hotter and more humid than others. So there isn’t just a general guideline that can be given but those two things. If you can aim to be paying fairly clear before noon and then keep it that way and tape your intake down towards the end of the day. So you don’t wake up at night cool beans party all right. What’s the next level next level is nutrient timing it is it really important for me to crush my whey protein shake within 30 minutes after my workout though I dissolve okay for you. Ben yeah everybody else what you want is for Iran and your training there to be amino acids which are the building blocks of protein in your bloodstream at the time.

That you’re training so the muscle mass isn’t broken down and so that after your workout you have the necessary building blocks to start the rebuild and recovery process. If you think of it in those terms then you can then things become much simpler. So if you had a meal let’s say a mixed medium sized meal of protein fats and carbs three four five hours prior to training. You’re still going to have amino acids in your bloodstream around that time of your training.

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