Shifting the Diet

Shifting to a Healthy Diet

Many people shift from skinny to fat weight gain. So yeah but those are the things that are likely to consider just bear in mind that if you are underweight and you do undertake a gaining phase in order to put on muscle some fat is going to come with that and that is unavoidable. Don’t be scared of it. Just know that you can cut it off later a lot of people get themselves in a trap then of they just end up spinning their wheels because they’re scared of the fat gain. So they never allow themselves that calorie increase which is the next point. We come down to calories so that they can really gain muscle because you can’t gain muscle from nowhere. Best Weight Gainer for skinny peoples.

It has to come from somewhere and stealing fat that’s already on your body to then go and create more muscle. What only happened to a certain extent past. A certain point you need to go into purposeful gaining phases or fat loss phases. So the underlying thing here especially for those who come to me and want to gain muscle. If you want to gain muscle hopefully get stronger you might have to accept a little bit of fat gain ideally. We’re going to make that minimal and we have lots of resources about that for you but you just will have to kind of swallow that pill.

I’m going to accept the fact that I’m adding a little bit of fat to my frame to my body and if you can accept that then you can allow yourself to get some hopefully good muscle gains. Exactly now some of you might be thinking what kind of not doing both at the same time and the answer is yes to an extent and with the increase in your training experience your ability to do that decreases over time. Then you get to a point altom utley where can you measure the difference in muscle gain and fat loss that is happening or is that being lost and if you can’t then you can’t stay motivated for it.

And then if you can’t stay motivated for it you. You stop turning up at the gym and you stop caring about your diet. So then you need to start thinking about purposefully going in a fat loss space or purposefully got in there gaining phase that’s what we’re talking about there. Okay so for everyone who’s experienced enough you’re still watching this you realize you’ve maybe already cut out some of the crap from your diet. You’ve been doing crossfit for a little while but you’re still not at the or performance physique that you’re looking for what’s the next step for a more experience training. What is the most important factor to change that either muscle gain or fat loss. What’s the most important factor yes. So if you think of it in terms of a pyramid of importance. So I was fortunate to co-author a book. best mass gainer for skinny guys

With a guy called air account. We’ve written a couple of books called the muscle and strength nutrition and training pyramids and the base layers on both of those are adherents can you keep with it. Are you enjoying it and for the nutrition side of things. The next layer on that pyramid the next foundational layer as you go up the least important they’re become smaller layers become is your caloric intake. That’s your energy intake. So we’re talking about energy balance here are you getting what you need or are you getting more than you need or are you getting less than you need if you’re getting more than you need you gain weight less than you need you lose weight.


If you’re just about breaking even then you won’t gain or lose weight cool that makes a lot of sense. We’re not going to dive into the calculations of those things.

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